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Friday, March 1, 2013

Welcome & Bienvenida To CEDE - NEW PHONE & FAX

NEW OFFICE  MARCH 2013 -(Administrative & Medical Office
3814 AUBURN BLVD, Suite 72, Sacramento, CA  95821
Phone: (916) 426 1902   Fax:(916) 426 1940

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Hello Parents and Families:

We welcome you and we hope that together we will make a positive impact in your/your child’s life. Our practice is committed to treating and using protected health information about you/your child responsibly. We want you to know that we consider it a privilege to take care of you and your family.
Your physician during most of the visits will request that your child have some laboratory and radiological studies done. We do not provide results over the phone, since numerical results do not provide the full implications of the disease process or treatment needed. Instead, to help you understand the implications of these results, we require you to make a follow up appointment.
We insist you to keep the appointments schedule to help ensure the continuity of care. We make every effort to make courtesy calls; however, we ask that you use the appointment card as a reminder. It is ultimately your responsibility to keep the appointment. Missing appointments repeatedly will result in discontinuation of the physician-patient relationship.

Our office uses Electronic Medical Record and Electronic Check-in process. While we know that sometimes it is a lot of work to input the information, it is MANDATORY that you abide by our rules to make our interaction more powerful and help us provide better healthcare services to your family. 

We wish you the very best.
God bless you and your family
Dr. Prakasam and the entire team at CEDE

Le damos la bienvenida y esperamos que juntos vamos a tener un impacto positivo en su / la vida de su hijo. Nuestra práctica se ha comprometido a tratar y utilizar la información de salud protegida sobre usted / su hijo de manera responsable. Queremosque sepan que lo consideramos un privilegio para cuidar de usted y su familia.
Su médico durante la mayor parte de las visitas solicitar que su hijo tiene algúnlaboratorio y estudios radiológicos hecho. Nosotros no proporcionamos los resultadospor teléfono, ya que los resultados numéricos no proporcionan todas las implicacionesdel proceso de la enfermedad o el tratamiento necesario. En cambio, para ayudarle a entender las implicaciones de estos resultados, se requiere que usted haga una cita de seguimiento.
Insistimos en que para mantener las citas programar para ayudar a asegurar la continuidad de la atención. Hacemos todo lo posible para hacer visitas de cortesía, sin embargo, le pedimos que utilice la tarjeta de la cita como un recordatorio. En última instancia es su responsabilidad mantener la cita. Citas que faltan varias veces resultará en la suspensión de la relación médico-paciente.

Nuestra oficina utiliza registro médico electrónico y el proceso electrónico de Check-in.Si bien sabemos que a veces es mucho trabajo para introducir la información, es imprescindible que usted cumpla con nuestras reglas para hacer que nuestrainteracción más potente y nos ayudará a ofrecer mejores servicios de salud a su familia.
Le deseamos el mejor momento.
Dios bendiga a usted y su familia
El Dr. Prakasam y todo el equipo de CEDE 

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Athletes with Diabetes!

Do not get discouraged. Many famous athletes have/had diabetes. You can do anything if you just BELIEVE.

Walter Barnes - Football and actor. Before acting career he played professional football for the NFL's Philadelphia Eagles, 1948-1951.
Jay Cutler - Football Player
Kenny Duckett - NFL - New Orleans Saints
Mike Echols - NFL - Tennessee Titans
Joe Gibbs - NFL - Washington Redskins coach
Jonathan Hayes - NFL - Pittsburgh Steelers, Kansas City Chiefs
Jay Leeuwenburg - NFL - Indianapolis Colts Lineman
Mike Sinclair - NFL - Philadelphia Eagles
Kendall Simmons - NFL - Pittsburgh Steelers
Ron Springs - NFL - Dallas Cowboys
Hank Stram - NFL - Kansas City Chiefs Coach
Jack Tatum - NFL - Oakland Raiders, The Assassin
Wade Wilson - NFL player and Dallas Cowboys quarterback coach


Ty Cobb - MLB - Detroit Tigers
Bill Gullickson - MLB - Cincinnati Reds Pitcher
Dave Hollins - 1993 Phillies World Series Third Baseman
James "Catfish" Hunter - MLB - Pitcher, Baseball Hall-of-Famer
Jason Johnson - MLB - Pitcher, Cleveland Indians
Mark Lowe - MLB
David Pember - MLB - Milwaukee Brewers
Brandon Morrow - Seattle Mariners Pitcher
Dan Reichert - MLB - Kansas City Royals
Ron Santo - MLB - Chicago Cubs legend
Jackie Robinson - Baseball Player
Bradley Suttle - Texas Longhorns - Second Baseman
David "Boomer" Wells - San Diego Padres Pitcher
Dmitri Young - MLB Outfielder, first baseman


Kelli Keuhne - LPGA golfer
Michelle McGann - LPGA golfer
Sherri Turner - LPGA golfer
Scott Verplank - PGA golfer
Jo Ann Washam - LPGA golfer


Chris Dudley - NBA - New York Knicks center
Walt Frazier - ­ NBA - New York Knicks
Adam Morrison - Basketball Player, Gonzaga University
Jerry Stackhouse - NBA - Dallas Mavericks
Dominique Wilkins - Basketball Player (Atlanta Hawks)


Nick Boynton - Hockey Player - Boston Bruins
Bobby Clarke - NHL - Philadelphia Flyers
Rick Dudley - Hockey
Curt Frasier - NHL - Chicago Black Hawks
Toby Petersen - NHL - Pittsburgh Penguins, Dallas Stars


Arthur Ashe - Tennis - Wimbledon winner
Billie Jean King - Tennis
Ham Richardson – Tennis star
Bill Talbert - Hall of Fame tennis player

Swimming/Water Sports:

Scott Coleman - Swimmer - first man with diabetes to swim the English Channel, (August 17th 1996)
Scott Dunton - World Class Surfer
Gary Hall Jr. - US Olympic Gold Medalist, Swimming
Chris Jarvis - World Champion Canadian Rower
Sir Steven Redgrave - Rower - Winner of five consecutive Olympic gold medals


James “Buster” Douglas - Heavy Weight Boxer
“Smokin’ Joe” Frazier - Boxing
Jorge "Giant" Gonzalez- Professional Wrestler
Robert "Gorilla Monsoon" Marella - Professional wrestler and commentator
Sugar Ray Robinson - Boxing

Winter Sports:

Sean Busby - Champion Snowboarder
Kris Freeman - Olympic and National Champion Cross-Country Skier
Chuck Heidenrich - Skiing


Ayden Byle - Runner - First insulin-dependent man to run 6521.5 km across North America.
Missy Foy - Professional Marathon Runner
Jay Hewitt - Ironman Triathlete


Wasim Akram - Pakistani cricket fast bowler
Sarah Bina - Championship clogger
Doug Burns – Fitness consultant, Record-holding strength athlete
Pam Fernandes - Para Olympian

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